Mar 05
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GP Contract 2024/25

NHS England has set out the changes for the 2024/25 GP contract – read the letter from Dr Amanda Doyle, National Director for Primary Care and Community Services. The contract has not been agreed by the BMA, which will ballot members in March on whether to take further action.

The total increase in funding for general practice in England will be 2.23% next year. NHS England has given a breakdown of how it calculated the £259m funding increase:

  • 2% pay increase for all GPs and practice staff – which it said could increase once the DDRB has given its recommendations;
  • 2% uplift to the ARRS;
  • 1.68% inflation – which is claimed to be in line with the Government’s November 2023 GDP deflator;
  • 0.38% ONS population growth.

The BMA has published more information on the GP contract 2024/25 changes, including why they have requested further changes. A video with Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, GPC England chair, can be found here. In their latest update to LMCs, GPC England highlighted the following issues:

  • 1.9% (£178m) – national GP contract uplift for 2024/25 on offer from Government
  • £800m – value lost from the contract since 2019 due to cost inflation
  • 31% – average drop in GP contractor earnings before tax for 2022/23 compared with the previous year
  • 1,900 – fewer full time, qualified GPs since September 2015 when….
  • 6,000 – additional GPs were promised by this government in 2019
  • 1.39 million – average daily appointments delivered in general practice across England
  • 6.25 million – extra NHS general practice patients in Jan 2024 compared to 2015
  • £107 – practice payment per patient per year (excluding PCN and COVID payments)
  • 5-6% – of the overall NHS budget spent on general practice-level contracts in England in 2022/23 (latest data)
  • £0 – this is the deficit accrued by GP surgeries in 2023/24. We are a very efficient part of the NHS trying to cope with limited resources.

The LMC will continue to update you on developments with the 2024/25 contract.