Feb 22

GP Evidence Website

The new GP Evidence website has been developed to make the scientific evidence underpinning guideline-recommended treatments easier to access and understand for practising GPs. Designed by and for GPs, it gives easy-to-understand summaries of the evidence behind NICE recommended treatments for long-term conditions. It’s helpful for having Shared Decision Making (SDM) conversations with people about the best evidence of the benefits and harms of medicines.

Professor of Evidence-Based Health Care, Kamal Mahtani, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, and University of Oxford, says: “When we teach evidence-based practice, we emphasise the need for the best available evidence to be combined with clinical judgement and an individual person’s needs and preferences. The content on this website, which you could say sits somewhere between the scientific literature and clinical guidelines, will support this goal of individualised care and shared decision-making.”

Read more about the development of GP Evidence in this article from Nuffield Primary Care Health Sciences