Nov 21
Guidance spelled out in blocks.

GP Pay Transparency and Completing the eDec – Update

The BMA has published guidance for practices on completing the two new questions on the eDec which concern GP pay transparency.

The eDec needs to be completed prior to December 1 2023. Within this year’s eDec are two questions on GP Pay Transparency, 2N and 2O. The new guidance covers the requirement for practices to let eligible persons know about the GP pay transparency regulations (2N), and compliance with the requirement to self-declare (2O).

The BMA guidance can be found here: Electronic practice self-declaration guidance 2023 (

Further information on pay transparency can be found at:

Declaring GP earnings over £150,000 (

NHS England » General practice pay transparency: guidance

If you have any queries about this issue please contact the LMC for advice.