Mar 25

Important Message – Practice Email Addresses

The LMC has been made aware of an issue with practice email addresses after a patient safety review highlighted it recently, and a further incident occurred in another part of the ICS. There are a number of practices across the ICS that have email addresses assigned to them that they are unaware of – these might be historic and were never updated or were incorrectly set up in the first place. These addresses have been shared with providers despite being inactive, and potentially patient information is being sent there without practices being aware.

We have worked closely with the Place and ICB teams to identify the affected email accounts and were hoping to be able to identify which are active without needing to come out to practices. This has proved impossible, so given the implications of this incident, practices will be receiving a list of addresses linked to your practice, which you will be asked to check and confirm if you have access to. This is an ICS wide issue and the email will come from your Place team. We will continue working closely with the ICB and feeding back to practices as the situation progresses.