Jul 17

Interface Update July 2023

Humberside LMCs continue to receive an increasing volume of requests for interface support. We are very grateful for the fantastic engagement we’ve had from you with our interface workstream. Telling us about your interface difficulties enables us to address them on your behalf and support you. We are pleased to say that on average it still only takes around two days for us to initially respond to the queries you are submitting.  The statistics illustrating how long it takes to respond and resolve queries, as well as which organisations and departments are the subject of your queries, are available here. If you would like to listen to the practice managers’ update, which includes an interface summary, you can listen here.

Monthly Update – June 2023

Throughout June, we received an additional 37 interface queries. As ever, we are proactively working with colleagues to resolve any issues and improve the interface between GP practices and other healthcare organisations. This month, I’m pleased to say that there has been progress on some longer standing interface issues, as well as newer interface issues causing considerable concern to GP practices.

New interface issues

Datix – Practices have reported difficulties with the Datix system in Hull. There has been a significant backlog in Datix responses from local providers and the quality of responses has often been below what we would hope for. However, whilst some Datix queries are still to be resolved, we are grateful to Hull’s Place team for their response to this problem. We have been assured that this is being appropriately dealt with and that most of the backlog has now been processed. Quality control mechanisms for Datix responses will also be put in place. If you continue to experience problems, please do continue to get in touch.

Pre-op department ­– Colleagues at HUTHs pre-op department have agreed to form an interface sub-group to address ongoing issues affecting GPs. It is likely that this will form in September. We will keep you updated on our progress. If you have any examples of interface difficulties from the pre-op department, please share them with us so that we can address them through this group.

X-ray results – Practices have reported that X-ray results from NLAG are being delivered to the wrong clinician. GPs are spending valuable clinical time re-directing results to the appropriate person. Early conversations indicate this can be resolved and I will be meeting colleagues at NLAG this month.

Updates and resolved interface issues

Radiology results – GP practices continue to report difficulties relating to results provided by the radiology department at HUTH. Following an internal meeting at HUTH, we can confirm that we will be meeting with Radiology colleagues in the coming weeks to try and find a resolution. This is important progress as this has been a longer-standing issue. We estimate that difficulties with Radiology results have cost GP practices in Hull and East Yorkshire around 1000 hours of administrative and clinical time over the last 12 weeks.

Breast Screening Service – Last month, I reported that GP practices were being asked to provide patient information to the Breast Screening Service. We have also been told that other screening services are asking for similar information. This activity has been identified as an area of unfunded work for GP practices. Consequently, information isn’t always passed on to screening services. The Cancer Alliance and NHSE will be speaking to Humberside LMCs about potential funding sources in September. We will keep practices updated with the outcome.

Dermatology – Several colleagues on the North and South Bank have individually raised interface queries about the referral processes for dermatology. These include referral rejections because of confusion about whether a patient can be referred to secondary care instead of community services, and due to requests for additional images. We have been speaking to colleagues in the Place team and secondary care. Clarity is still needed on the arrangements for dermatology referrals so, unfortunately, we are not in a possession to provide a full update. One will be provided one once we have a definitive outcome.

Discharge letters South Bank – GP colleagues have previously reported that discharge letters are missing important information relating to medication changes and summaries are not accurately reflecting clinical information. Last month, I reported that an interface group, including colleagues from the ICB, had been set up to resolve these issues. As a further update, Humberside LMCs will be presenting at NLAG’s Junior Doctor induction day in August. We will be talking about interface issues arising due to discharge letter content.

If you would like more information about any of the topics discussed in this update, or would like to raise any of your interface issues, please e-mail s.nichols3@nhs.net or the Humberside LMCs inbox humberside.lmcgroup@nhs.net.

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