Mar 19

Interface Update March 2024

It’s a year since Humberside LMCs officially launched their interface service for general practice. In 12 months, we have:

  • Developed a digital solution to track each of your queries
  • Supported practices with over 350 interface difficulties
  • Worked with 53 different providers to resolve interface difficulties
  • Developed collaborative relationships with ICB and providers organisations
  • Attended system meetings to prevent and address interface difficulties
  • Helped develop new care pathways
  • Influenced provider service development
  • Undertaken practice visits
  • Presented/attended PTL events
  • Attended national LMC conferences
  • Completed our interface survey and reported the findings
  • Developed an interface strategy

Over two-thirds of the interface difficulties you have reported have been resolved and we continue to work on resolving the remaining difficulties. We are grateful for your continued support by highlighting interface difficulties to us and taking the time to provide information that we use to resolve them. We are also grateful to system partners who’ve helped resolve these difficulties.

As the interface service matures, we are moving into a new phase of development. We aim to be a consistent and unchanging point of support for general practice and will continue to address your interface difficulties. However, in 2024 to 2025 we will make our interface work even more visible to practices, develop further relationships with providers and stakeholders, and influence regional interface strategy to help improve the interface between general practice and other organisations.

Key Ongoing Interface Issues

The Death Certification Reforms were published in December 2023. From April 2024 it will be a statutory requirement for all deaths to be scrutinised by a medical examiner OR investigated by a coroner. It is important that practices have governance processes in place to manage this new process.

There are two Medical Examiners in Humberside – One for the East Riding and Hull, and another for North and North East Lincolnshire. If you haven’t already contacted the Medical Examiner to assess the implications for your practice, we advise you to do so. If you want to see how this works in practice, you can also pilot the pathway now. Doing so may allow you to assess the impact on your practice and enable you to provide your feedback on the pathway, to the Medical Examiner.

The links below highlight the statutory changes that will be introduced in April:

You can contact the Medical Examiners using the following details:

Hull University Teaching Hospitals

Medical Examiner E-mail:    

Medical Examiner Telephone:     Hull Royal Infirmary         – 01482 482157/ 01482 482158

Castle Hill Hospital           – 01482 482156

North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals

Medical Examiner E-mail:    

Medical Examiner Telephone:      Dianna Princess of Wales Hospital – 03033 303226

Scunthorpe General Hospital – 03033 303225

Maternity Services at HUTH

Workload transfer

In last month’s interface update, we highlighted the transfer of work from HUTH maternity unit. Thank you to the people who responded to last month’s request for examples of inappropriate work transfers. As well as being a contract breach, workload transfers are resulting in patient safety concerns. There will now be a quality improvement project within the department to address this. Humberside LMCs have been asked to support these discussions. We will keep you updated on progress.


In last month’s update, we reported the launch of a new IT system called BadgerNet which is being introduced by acute trusts across the ICB. For North Bank Practices, BadgerNet went live in February 2023. For practices on the South Bank, BadgerNet is due to go live at the end of March. This system is designed to replace a patient’s paper maternity notes. There was no consultation on the integration of this system into general practice and we received e-mails detailing a significant number of concerns about the system.

Humberside LMCs has co-ordinated HUTH’s attendance at the ER and Hull Clinical Director’s meeting to discuss BadgerNet. It is hoped that this meeting will be an opportunity to address many of the concerns voiced by general practice. The LMC, HUTH, and Place colleagues continue to work together to address those concerns as well. We understand that there will be further communication about BadgerNet, from HUTH, in the coming weeks. We are anticipating a similar response in North and North East Lincolnshire.

Although we initially received reassurance that results would continue to be sent to practices in the usual way, we have heard of a small number of instances were practices have stopped receiving communication from midwifery, since the launch of BadgerNet. This appears to be due to incorrect e-mail addresses being using to communicate with practices. If you are concerned that this may be a problem affecting your practice, please contact BadgerNet using, the Place team, or Humberside LMCs.

Communication with out of Area Providers

In October 2023, practices informed Humberside LMCs that they were having difficulty receiving discharge communications from Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Discharge communications were being sent by post and in some instances took up to 4 weeks to arrive at the practice. We are pleased to say that a solution has been found and, as of 1st April, the option to receive them digitally should be available for those practices. We are grateful for each stakeholder’s input in helping us resolve this.

If this is a problem that often affects your practice, either with Doncaster Royal Infirmary or another out of area provider, please let us know and we can attempt to effect the same solution by working with our ICB colleagues.