Mar 19
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LMC Committee Election Results 2024

The election for the new LMC committee has concluded and we can now announce the new committee members.

Hull and East Yorkshire LMC

  • Dr Simon Carruthers
  • Dr Gina Palumbo
  • Dr Anjali Saxena
  • Dr Kirsty Garrod
  • Dr Joe Klakus
  • Dr Jane Stephenson
  • Dr Natalie Martin
  • Dr Monisha Singh
  • Dr Charles Prowde
  • Dr Katherine Cunningham

North and North East Lincolnshire LMC

  • Dr Sanjedah Zaro
  • Dr Manish Khandelwal
  • Dr Abdur-Rauff Mahroof

Elected members will be in post for the next three years. Thanks to all who took part in the election by standing for election and for submitting your votes. We are looking forward to welcoming all the new representatives onto the committee.

In line with the LMC constitution, the new committee will seek to appoint co-opted members to fill places in seats where there are still vacancies. If you are a GP working in the Humber area and would be interested in joining the committee, please email for further information.

The committee is also able to appoint practice managers as observers; we will be in touch with practice managers in our area soon to ask for expressions of interest in this role.