Mar 25
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Middle East Conflict

The LMC is aware that local colleagues continue to be impacted by the conflict in the Middle East, and that there are a number of GPs in our area with friends, family, colleagues and religious links to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territory. We want to remind you that the LMC has information on a range of support offers if you are finding yourself in need of help which you can see on our dedicated page here.

The BMA and RCGP have both released statements on the conflict, and the BMA support line is open to any doctor regardless of whether they are a member if they wish to talk through the issues. Both the BMA and the UK government signpost to the British Red Cross fundraising efforts and if you wish to make a donation to support those in the area directly affected, this is the link. If you are struggling with the ongoing situation, please always feel free to contact us if you are unsure where to access help.